Lorie McCown
Artist Statement
My current work centers on generational and familial relationships. I work with themes of connectedness, family hierarchy, loss, and family baggage and history. We all have it. It is what shapes me as a maker. I use traditional and historical stitchery, embroidery, quilting and needlework.    My stitching art mixes traditional handwork and contemporary imagery and ideas. I use the personal iconography of dresses, aprons, and other mundane items of clothing to create a personal narrative of cloth,paint and thread.
All my work is based on stories and storytelling, whether it is evident, or not, I leave that to the viewer. My work is narrative based, using biblical, historical and folktale sources. I work on multiple pieces at once, referencing ancient history, old masters, and folk art.  Layers, both in media and meaning are important to me. Using cast off and recycled material, I use traditional hand work and stitching to express themes of family and family roles.